Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Honest Philosophy

I thought I'd take the moment to highlight a friend--and teacher's--blog. I know other folks out there are interested in martial arts, or know folks who are. So this is me saying Hey, look!

My friend Jake and I met in grad school, we were two of the few sf geeks in the program.
He has studied multiple martial arts (I have no better word) for years and is now a professional Muay Thai and PDR (Personal Defense Readiness) trainer. I've studied a variety of styles (hi dchenes!) but was never very serious. A few years back, before he did this full time, he convinced me that self-defense mattered. Stop and go I've been studying with him ever since.

Jake's background as a teacher and scholar (he taught high school before going into the Masters program where we met up) informs his thoughtful and realistic approach to educating both experienced and inexperienced students in self-defense. He responsibly tailors his lessons to folks' strengths and weaknesses. As a perpetual student of both technique and pedagogy he is aware of the challenges his students face, and constantly refining and redefining his approach to the material and to instruction. His patience, humor, professionalism, deep knowledge of his subject, and intelligence make studying with him rewarding.

This is his blog, which talks a lot about training, both the mental and the physical side of it.

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